is a company of the EMBIQ Group. It was created as a product spinoff with the participation of scientists from Lublin University of Technology and Medical University of Lublin. It also provides services in the field of construction of medical devices, software implementation and implementation in accordance with medical certification.

is a medical device dedicated to cardiovascular screening based on pulse wave analysis. It enables an initial assessment of the patient's condition and makes recommendations for further diagnostics. It does not require medical qualifications and is cheap to buy and use.

The database associated with the device contains SI elements, thanks to which - together with the amount of data - it develops decision trees.

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achieved through the use of the latest generation of polymer piezoelectric sensors

Simple handling

testing is performed by lower level medical staff


test lasting 10 minutes

Competitive price

much cheaper than Doppler ultrasound and other pulse wave devices

Digital interpretation of results

with convenient and secure storage and transfer of data from the cloud

Multipoint measurement

crucial for correct analysis


enables long-term monitoring of patient’s condition by comparing results. With this interpretative analysis of artifacts, early detection of disease anomalies is possible - it is our contribution to the inevitable automation of medical diagnostics using IoT and AI.


Orthopaedic surgery involves surgical procedures, much of which involve joining broken bones with titanium screws that connect two or more bone fragments. Currently used dentures after 4 years require removal or replacement. The main cause of complications are infections - leading to prolonged treatment or even death of the patient.

All of these problems are solved by WARINSEID - standard or personalized biologically inert dentures filled with an innovative, long-release antibiotic.


We develop the project in cooperation with the scientific community

prof. dr

Ryszard Maciejewski

dr inż.

Wojciech Surtel