BIOXEE is an easy to use and low cost device with a breakthrough method for non-invasive measurement of heart rate waves and arterial stiffness. The operation of BIOXEE is based on self-learning algorithms, which allow for quick and precise determination of the risk of developing vascular disease in a patient.


achieved through the use of the latest generation of polymer piezoelectric sensors


testing is performed by lower level medical staff


test lasting 10 minutes


much cheaper than Doppler ultrasound and other pulse wave devices


with convenient and secure storage and transfer of data from the cloud


crucial for correct analysis


uses the experience of the EMBIQ team, gathered during the construction of KTG – a mobile cardiotocogram.
Thanks to this device, it is possible to perform prenatal tests (monitoring the fetus’ heart function, its movements and uterine contractions) without leaving home and without the assistance of a doctor.

The BIOXEE is a first-time contact device.

No specialist knowledge is needed to operate it. Tests using it can be performed by medical personnel at a lower level, already after one day of training. Only 10 minutes of operation of the device is sufficient to obtain an accurate result.

The cost of purchasing the BIOXEE is only a fraction of the price you have to pay for a doppler ultrasound. In this regard, BIOXEE is also competitive with traditional heart rate monitors. Further savings are generated by the speed of the device, its mobility, and the transmission of results over the network. As a result, queues to the doctor are shortened, the number of visits is reduced and the quality of the patient’s life is significantly improved.

Introducing this easy-fast and low-cost diagnostic method to the market will open the way to:

to estimate arterial stiffness, which has now taken on great importance in assessing cardiovascular risk

run screening tests on a large population of those potentially prone to developing Diabetic Foot Syndrome – over 40 years old patients with diabetes

analysis of measurement data completed with disease classification in case of disease in the cardiovascular system (the consent of the Bioethics Committee for two-year clinical trials – first results are available)

BIOXEE uses the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) in a practical dimension, especially in the area of intelligent health networks. The data collected by the device allows for the spontaneous creation of disease detection algorithms and a convenient and safe transfer of research results to the cloud.

Cardiovascular diseases contribute to the deaths of over 4 million Europeans every year. The guilty of this state of affairs are also too late and too slow to make a diagnosis. Equipped with intelligent software and based on a user-friendly design, BIOXEE is an effective weapon in the fight against this problem.

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