specializes in modern projects for medicine. As a company separated from the EMBIQ group, we benefit from many years of experience of experts, experts in such fields as software development, IT technologies or Internet of Things (IoT). Teleinfomed was created as an answer to the challenges of modern medicine, which increasingly bases effective treatment and therapies on Big Data analysis and availability of mobile technologies. Apart from implementing dedicated software solutions, we also create modern health care devices and implement them in accordance with strict medical certifications.


we provide and implement technologies for modern medicine


we are a separate part of EMBIQ, which so far has completed 300 IT, R&D and IoT projects


we use the expertise and know-how of scientists related to medicine and biomedical engineering and telemedicine


we create innovative software and algorithms to improve the quality of medical services


we design multifunctional devices, based on the most modern technologies available in the area of health care


we offer solutions that increase mobility and reduce the cost of research, diagnosis and therapy

Teleinfomed bases its goals and development on the practical know-how of specialists connected with the scientific community. The company is made up of leading representatives of the academic circles of the Lublin University of Technology and Medical University of Lublin. The combination of their knowledge and experience has enabled the development of two innovative medical devices – BIOXEE and WARINSEID

Innovative medical device analyzing heart rate wave. It is dedicated to the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. It enables an initial assessment of the patient's health condition and the definition of further diagnostic recommendations. It is cheaper in use and easier to use than traditional ultrasound devices. It works on the basis of an intelligent database, which allows for early detection of the anomaly.

Technology developed for the challenges of modern orthopaedic surgery. Created by engineers and scientists, a system of biologically inert prostheses, filled with antibiotic with long release time. The result of this solution is more effective therapy, while eliminating the risk of infection that occurs when using bone screws.  

We are flying to Dubai!

Teleinfomed takes part in an economic mission to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, organized by the Marshal's Office of the Lubelskie Voivodship in Lublin between 27-31.01.2020r. The project “Economic Marketing of Lubelskie Voivodship II" is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Program Operational Voivodship Lubelskie  2014-2020, Priority Axis 3, Competitiveeness of Enterprises, measure 3.6 Economic Marketing.